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Get Involved 

Get Involved

Click below to complete our volunteer application. You will be working with a unique, diverse group of individuals who believe in a healthy inner core.  

Let's Make A difference!

Here are some ways you can get involved:


Interested in lending a hand to facilitate a class, 

research local movements to support the cause, or just being a helping hand?

Click "I.A.N.B Volunteer Application" above!


Are you a business owner looking to invest in the 

inner core of your employees and creating a 

healthier, more balanced and productive

work space?

Are you someone looking to increase your personal 

development and inter-dependency?

Click "Contact Us" above!


Want to provide financial support

to assist someone in being 

the best person they can be and 

encourage others to do the same?

Click the red "Donate" button above!

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