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Our Story

I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC was established as a state recognized nonprofit in 2017 and created to

support individuals in coping with trauma while improving their quality of life!  I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC is founded on the principles of moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, patient endurance, superior character, empathy and inclusion. I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC uses a variety of unique "play and learn" events, workshops and experiences to achieve its mission.  Our programs and services are developed using social emotional learning strategies and scenario based learning techniques customizable for individuals or groups at home, school or work. I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC is managed and operated by Quad Solutions, LLC.

The strategic process behind the culture of I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC is called "Peniel Protocol".  "Peniel Protocol" is the measuring stick we use to develop every concept used in our programs and services.   I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC supports self-development of character and positive enhancements that affect life and the lives of others.


  • Inclusion of I Am Not Bulletproof, LLC principles

  • Exploration of chosen morals, valuespersonality traits and behaviors

  • Examination of chosen vs. desired morals, values, personality traits and behaviors

  • Exploration of healthy practices to enhance and maintain any learned or chosen morals, values, personality traits and behaviors

  • Examination of societal and/or systematic disparities that correlate with learned or chosen morals, values, personality traits and behaviors

  • Exploration of solutions that address societal and/or systematic disparities

  • Inclusion of supportive resources and partnerships 

  • Expansion of "Peniel Protocol" into various settings


Meet Alicia...There was a time when I thought people were the bane of my existence.  I know that sounds pretty harsh, but it’s true.  It affected my life at work, home...everywhere.  Then I went through a process of understanding why I felt that way.  During the journey, I discovered that I was one of those dreadful “humans” I despised so much and how human "varieties of flavors" is what makes life so seasoned! The teacher in me wanted to share this “aha” moment with the world.  Thus, I Am Not Bulletproof was born!  I am super excited to experience the “beauty of mankind” with each person that is bold enough to proclaim, I AM NOT BULLETPROOF!


Meet Josie...After 26 years of solid employment, I found myself unemployed and wiser with age and grace. Unknowing that all my years of education, teaching and believing would make me feel useless in today’s society; I found myself having to reinvent “me” in order to gain relevance.

The concepts of "Peniel Protocol" and principles of I Am Not Bulletproof have helped me tremendously in my professional and personal life. I had to stop and say to myself if this can be beneficial to me, imagine the many young children, teenagers and other adults who could benefit from its' unique approach to teaching. I found myself wanting to be involved in this organization to help it grow and see its’ full potential. 

AIR:        Accountability    Integrity    Responsibility

Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Mission

To help people find strength in vulnerability.

Our Vision

To provide opportunities in which people can use vulnerability to help others.

Our Mission, Vision & Goal

Our Goals

To create unique experiences that recognize, develop, and support the healthy balance of inner and co-dependency​​

To create unconventional, therapeutic systems that focus on conflict resolution, social interaction and personal development

To provide resources needed to create a cultural norm that promotes moral excellence, knowledge, self-control, patient endurance, superior character, empathy and inclusion

We Need Your Support Today!

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